Actress, Singer and Dancer.


Born Letitia Elizabeth Rudge on 21st December 1861.


Died 27th August 1923.


A London Favourite!


There is a charm about LETTY LIND which is as irresistible as it is universally felt.  In what does it consist?   Is it located in the roguish round blue eyes, full of fun and buoyancy, or in the disingenuous smile, or in her graceful agile step?  


Whatever it is or wherever it lies, it goes right home to English hearts.  Probably it is because Letty Lind is just herself, and nothing “tells” so well with the public sincerity.  


 The stalls declare her as “utterly sweet”; the gallery, equally touched, call her “just ripping.”  It comes to the same thing. 


 She satisfies the eye, the ears, and the that little sentimental feeling we call “heart” Letty Lind commenced her career at four, as an “angel” at the Theatre Royal, Birmingham, and, forsooth, she still plays the part, only that she is grown up.  


Her daintiness and her piquancy have certainly hallmarked those charming songs. “Marguerite of Monte Carlo” in “Morocco Bound,” “Tom Tut” in “An Artist’s Model” and “The Interfering Parrot” in “The Geisha”, for Letty Lind is always refreshing.


 The Sketch  12th December 1900