HARRY NICHOLLS was born Henry Thomas Nicholls on 2nd March 1852 in London.  The son of John Thomas Nicholls and Jane Bastian. 


Harry was an accomplished theatre actor and playwright, who became a successful star of Pantomime at Theatre Royal Drury Lane, under the wing of Augustus Harris.


His first appearance in London was on 3rd October 1874 at the Surrey Theatre playing Honeybun in the play "Did You Ever Send Your Wife To Camberwell?', which ran for nearly two years.  


It was at his next engagement at The Grecian, where he stayed for almost five years, that he teamed up with comedian Herbert Campbell and together they appeared in many lavish pantomimes at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane.


In 1879, Harry appeared in The Dragoons, Heavy Fathers, La Perichole, Lord Mayor's Day and The First Night.


Harry first joined the Drury Lane company on 31 July 1880 and took part in a self-penned little farce entitled "Timson's Little Holiday." which subsequently became "Jane."   Harry performed at Drury Lane up until 1893 where he played principal comedy roles in various dramas and pantomimes.    


Among the more noted plays in which he successfully took part in, include 'Youth' (1881) 'Pluck' (1882) 'Lottie' (1884)  'Human Nature' (1885) 'A Run Of Luck' (1886) 'Pleasure' (1887) 'The Armada' (1888) 'The Royal Oak' (1889) 'A Million Of Money' (1890) 'A Sailor's Knot' (1891) 'The Prodigal Daughter' (1892) 'A Life of Pleasure' (1893).  


During the Autumn of 1887 he appeared at The Princess Theatre as Jim Farren in 'Shadows Of A Great City.'


In 1894, Harry became a member of the Adelphi Theatre and appeared there in 'The Fatal Card', 'The Swordsman's Daughter', 'One Of The Best', 'Boys Together', Black Eyes Susan, ' All That Glitters Is Not Gold', 'Secret Service', 'In The Days Of The Duke', 'The Gipsy Earl' and 'With Flying Colours.'


In 1900 at the Gaiety Theatre he played Hooker Pacha in 'The Messenger Boy' and in 1902 he toured South Africa for six months under the management of Leonard Rayne.


1903 Harry appeared as Micawber in "Em'ly" at the Waldorf


In March 1906 he played Zekiel Homespun in "The Heir-at-Law" at The Royalty


In September 1908 he played Walter Everest in 'The Electric Man' at The Grand Theatre, Fulham.