HUGH E. WRIGHT was a popular Entertainer and Actor.


He was born Hugh Esterel Wright on 13th April 1879 in Cannes and was educated privately in Switzerland and at Bournemouth.  


He spent some time in the Navy, before venturing into the performing arts.


Hugh’s theatrical professional career began in 1902 and  it  was an extensive and varied one, embracing concert and concert party work, the dramatic and variety stages, and the films. 


The greater part of his work was done in theatres and he appeared in many London successes.   His pathetic little cockney as the Common Man in “1066 and All That” was an outstanding performance.  His first appearance was made at Portsmouth in 1902 with the Romantic Knights concert party, and his subsequent engagements included appearances with Randell Jackson at Margate, the King’s Musketeers, the Follies, the Vaudeville Follies and the Punchinellos.  Mr Wright made his first appearance on the variety stage at the Holborn Empire in 1905.


The many plays in which he subsequently had parts included “Captain Kidd,” “The Balkan Princess,” “Peter Pan,” “The Sport of Kings,” “The Ghost Train,” “The Master Builder,” “People Like Us,” “Third Time Lucky,” “Three For Luck” “Dying To Live,” “My Wife’s Family,” “Passing Through Lorraine,”  “The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse,” and “I Killed the Count.”


He also played in several Revues, including “All Changes Here,” “Kill That Fly,” “Eight-pence a Mile,” “keep Smiling,” “All French,” and “Half Past Eight.”


Hugh was the author of the lyrics of “Eight-pence a Mile” and “Keep Smiling”; the libretto and lyrics of “All French ,” songs for the later H.G. Pellisier and the Follies, part-author of “Houp- La.”


He appeared in many films that include:


The Kiddies in the Ruins (1918) playing Tommy

The Better ‘ole aka The Romance of Old Bill (1919) playing Alf

Hughie at the Victory Derby (1919) playing Hughie

Garryowen (1920) playing Moriarty (Silent movie)

Nothing Else Matters (1920) playing Jimmy Daw  (Silent movie)

The Corner Man (1921) playing Bob Warner

Mary, Find The Gold (1921) playing Alfred Smith

The Old Curiosity Shop (1921) playing Tom Codlin

Squibs (1921) playing Sam Hopkins (Silent movie)

A Sailor Tramp (1922) playing The Cockney

Squibs Wins the Calcutta Sweep (1922) playing Sam Hopkins

The Romany (1923) (Silent movie)

Squibs M.P (1923) playing Sam Hopkins

Squibs’s Honeymoon (1923) playing Sam Hopkins

Auld Lag Syne (1929) playing Willie McNab

The Silver King (1929) playing Jaikes (Silent movie)

The Great Gay Road (1931) playing Backus

Down River (1931) playing Charlie Wong

East Lynne on the Western Front (1931) playing Fred

Pyjamas Preferred (1932) playing Grock

Brother Alfred (1932) playing Sydney

Lord Camber’s Ladies (1932) playing Old Man

The Love Wager (1933) playing Noakes

The Good Companions (1933) playing the Librarian

Cash (1933) playing Jordan

You Made Me Love You (1933) playing Father

My Old Duchess (1933) playing Higgins

A Shot in the Dark (1933) playing George Yarrow

On the Air (1934) playing the Vicar

Nell Gwynne (1934) uncredited

Get Your Man (1934) playing The Reverend John Vivien

Crazy People (1934) uncredited

Adventurers Ltd (1934) playing Don Lorenzo/Montagu Phelps

Radio Parade of 1935 (1934) playing Algernon Bird

Widow’s Might (1935) playing Peasgood

Scrooge (1935) playing Old Joe

Royal Eagle (1936) playing 1936

The Knight of the Burning Pestle (1938) playing The Citizen.

1066: And All That (1939)


Hugh Esterel Wright had been playing with the Windsor Repertory Company around the time of his death.  He passed away on 12th February 1940 (aged 60) at Eton, Berkshire.